The Future EP

Nick Hollyster

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Nick Hollyster is from the French capital city Paris. He discovered electronic music in 1999 at the age of 14, thanks to his friends back in Paris who brought him to all the best underground parties where he started DJing. When he moved to Valencia,Spain he started producing.His music is at the crossing of House and deep techno with strong funk influences. Robin Orlando started his DJ career and was initially recognized in Valencia in 1991 from here he took flight into the most well known superclubs of Valencia. His musical interests are varied from Funk, Acid , Hip Hop, Deep House & House. Both have their debut on TAKT with the The Future EP which takes you on a journey full of trippy sounds. The Future is deep and full of atmosphere with great subtle male vocals. The Dub version is more techier on the other side. Hooked is a going forward tech house track with cool kick and bass sounds and a great hook. The remix of Tim Schroeder is more hypnotizing and technoid, going to your brain. With this release you have to dance, come on!

// Tracks
  • The Future (Original Mix)
    Robin Orlando, Nick Hollyster
  • The Future (Dub Mix)
    Robin Orlando, Nick Hollyster
  • Hooked (Original Mix)
    Robin Orlando, Nick Hollyster
  • Hooked (Tim Schroeder Remix)
    Robin Orlando, Nick Hollyster