Next To Me


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CRCKSNNext To Me EP With his sensual and infectious deep house tunes, CRCKSN exemplifies thesaturated sound of now. Inspired in equal parts by Detroit techno and thelatest offerings of Chicago house and Nu-Disco, the young producereffortlessly combines down-pitched vocals and hypnotic breaks to the mostthrilling effect. In his many years of experience as a musician, he hasconstantly shifted styles and sounds blending his unique swag with a rareiconic presence.Hailing from Luxembourg, a tedious Bermuda triangle offering the obviousadvantages of cross-cultural exchange yet devoid of any significant marketstructures, the upcoming producer has experimented with various forms ofmusical expression ever since his parents treated him with a first vinylplayer upon reaching the age of twelve. It isnt until then that he decides todevote his life entirely to music. Experimenting with mixing and scratchingtechniques at a very young age, he soon notices his lack of a musicalbackground, which ultimately directs him onto production.Studying sound design in Munich several years later, he expands hishorizons and feels increasingly compelled by electronic music and itspossibilities. His musical sense triggered by artists such as Daft Punk,Chromeo and Digitalism, he quickly learns to express himself throughelectronica and creates the duo Christal and Crack with a childhood friend,igniting the Luxembourgish scene within hours. The band quickly gainsnotoriety and numerous references during that prolific period supportingartists like Data, Bloody Beetroots, Le Tigre among others. In 2009 however,the duo parts ways with CRCKSN deciding to put his entire focus on a solocareer. In this period, he meets the opportunity to perform next toestablished acts like Does it Offend you Yeah? Zombienation or Fancy whoexpress their appreciation for his unique sound.After this first venture into solo territory, a change occurs in the musicianselectronic outlook. The experience of Berlin-based club culture paired withthe discovery of artists like Trentemoeller, Apparat and Seth Troxler opensup new directions leading CRCKSN to relocate to Berlin to refine hisproduction skills, constantly incorporating new elements and techniquesinto his tracks which quickly find their way into renowned clubs. Over thelast year, CRCKSN spent a lot of effort and dedication in fine-tuning histracks and is now ready to present his sound to a larger audience.We´re happy to release his first EP Next To Me on TAKT. Next To Me is asoulful Housefloor killer with hypnotizing vocals and a great vibe. The Walkis more deep and reduced. The remix of Toni Rios and Mikel creates a dirtyand dark atmosphere for The Walk. You have to dance. Superb work!

// Tracks
  • Next To Me (Original Mix)
  • The Walk (Toni Rios & Mikel Remix)
  • The Walk (Original Mix)