Encore EP

Tom Wax, Rummy Sharma feat. Zowitcha

// Label
BluFin Records
// Genre
Techno /Electro House
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// Cat. no
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Tom Wax links up with Rummy Sharma and vocalist Zowitcha for a standout new single on the BluFin Records label. This is the latest in a long line of success for the imprint and includes Rummy Sharma in remix mode.
Encore is a big and characterful track with sweeping filters that bring the drama. The metallic drums and
booming bass all help add weight to the groove, and then a big breakdown is sure to get hands in the air before it all drops once more. The first Sharma mix is much more dark and hard, with pulsing bass and synth flashes adding strobe lit effects. Encore (Rummy Sharma Acid Mix) is stripped back to a rugged rolling beat. The drums are unrelenting, the kicks hit hard and the urgent siren like synths keep you on edge.
Strap in for this one, because it makes for a one hell of a ride.

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