Hardy Heller, Alex Connors

// Label
BluFin Records
// Genre
Deep House
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In times of closed clubs due to a virus that cripples the world it's music that can give us comfort. "Hardy Heller & Alex Connors" have released some remarkable productions during those unbelievable crises. Their track "Colourblind" for example - released in October 2020, is still turning its circles nowadays - some 3 months later - in the beatport deep house charts, the same does their track "Paris", released beginning of december as part of their "The French Connection EP" on their own imprint "Ohral Recordings".

Herewith you listen to "Colmar" which is part of "The French Connection Part 2". The tune is some proper candy for all of you out there who appreciate a perky bassline, some solid grooves and hefty drums. Both guys, Hardy Heller & Alex Connors do not rely on a catchy hook but add their typical, very own ingredients to this track. The outcome is a thrilling hybrid that addresses both the cautiously hip-swinging dancefloor aspirants with some atmospheric sound design as well as the full-body workout enthusiasts that need their fair share of peak-time frenzy.


// Tracks
  • Colmar
    Hardy Heller,Alex Connors
  • Colmar ((Matthieu B.Remix)
    Hardy Heller,Alex Connors