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Nowadays its hard to find an artist with an own unique musical script. The Leipzig/Germany based producer & DJ Marc DePulse (real name Marcel Sterling) is one of these rare artists of our scene.


With about 100 releases on vinyl, CD and mp3 in one decade, Marc belongs to the most frequented acts in Minimal, Tech-House and Techno of the last years. Touring through all over Europe yet, Marc established too his LIVE ACT to celebrate all his smashing tracks in one set with the crowd.

Going step to step, Marc 2007 took off into a new generation. With his singles on BluFin Records (“PS YOU ROCK!”, “El Lobo Loco”) or Ostwind Records (“Kein Kind von Traurigkeit”, “Eiger Nord”) he shows a huge sound spectrum combined in several expressions of minimal electronic music - always being up to date with the dancefloor.

Infact digital outputs will be the future medium the next years. But for the Marc vinyl will always stay the main medium, because he loves to save the 12” feeling on the floor and keeps the black beauty alive.

10 years after releasing his first singles in Italy, Marc now decided to start up his first own imprint – called PIMPRINELLA.


And you don´t need to ask: of course we go for vinyl !!!