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REALlife raving Smokemachine] Jaxson started DJing in a small way about 17 years ago, his love for the music and the scene made him get involved with organizing his own parties a few years later, then unknown guests included Miss Kittin, Ellen Alien, Mitja Prinz, Michael Mayer and many more, which proves Jaxson's ear for talent and quality music already at an early age. In 2000 he started his own club "Rocket" (together with his other home-base "Tankhaus 2" the most renowned clubs of East-germany) as well as the well-established record label "Cadeaux", which still counts as one of the best-selling labels of the Neuton era and featured releases by Sascha Funke, Sven Brede aka Toxic Twin, Dave DK, Paul Kalkbrenner and himself. In the electronic music scene, Jaxson has not only made himself a name with productions on Get Physical, Basic Channel, PM Music and Cadeaux, but has been busy as hell, which 8 upcoming releases in three different countries (Germany, UK and USA) prove; releases on Hypercolour, Freakwaves, Tonsportgruppe, Dipolter and Keno Records are all coming soon or already out now! But that isn't all, for those wondering where else they might have heard the name, the answer is simple: Jaxson had one of the biggest hits in 2007 entitled "Smokemachine", which was one of the favortie tunes of Loco Dice, Len Faki, Someone Else, Claude Von Stroke (who licensed it for his Hands Up Compilation) and Richie Hawtin that year.

Its sales were phenomenal and became somewhat the underground pendant to Samim's "Heater". With a new project together with the sunshinebuddy David Keno entitled MONAMAKI they even play Live and as a DJ-Team and releases following all over the world and some more potential hits in the pipeline, you have to be sure to mark Jaxson on your map of Techno-hotties! Jaxson is a techno legend in his own time. He has done virtually the whole club thing, from running his own club, record shop and label to releasing great hit records like „Wanted“ on Cadeaux the big smasher "Smokemachine"on Freakwaves and the mellodramatic Clubbomb "Honeymooner" for Traumschallplatten for her 50th Release on MBF. Other Powerfull big rockin Releases or Remixes you can find on Labels like; Get Physical,Confused,Kenorecords,Hypercolour,Playmate,Simple Ass That,Bouq,DesignForms,Gastspiel,Budenzauber,Tonsportgruppe and sweet groovin Kindisch Records from the Famous Get PhysicalMusic Group Berlin. He is a true believer of club culture and an techno animal!