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As a trained engineer, he has chosen long ago, music as his profession, much more so decided his appeal. Not a day goes by, without techno music in Henning's life.

His bookings led him to a variety of large and small clubs in the country, where a highlight was his appearance at the Nature One Festival, performing at the lineup on the Century Circus with illustrated artists such as Carl Cox and many more.

His multifaceted sets, including various genres of music, primarily deep and warm techno, yet always underground, do not go abroad unnoticed and have landed him beside national gigs also international bookings in different countrys like, Australia, Indonesia, Russia and more...

The DJ's sound and his productions is distributed through the great radio stations and reaching Sunshine Live, Samurai FM Japan, Global Radio Ibiza, BBC1, Kuta Radio in Indonesia and many more...

An intense, rich experience, Henning Richter spent time in Sydney, moving him to endure something new, to develop himself further as an artist.

Regular bookings in various Techno clubs in the city soon gave him a name in the metropolis, as well as the australian radio, where his mixes and sets reached listeners nationwide.

Back in Germany he lived in different Citys in Germany and landet now his final residency in Berlin.


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