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Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Lisa Stansfield, Marusha and I see the light of day. Walt Disney is death, the Vietnam war is alive like never, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock start in the vastness of the universe. The famous Wembley goal is scored on the earth - or maybe not.
The Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and of course the Beatles worldwide dominate the charts. Rock music become psychedelic. "We all live in a yellow submarine"!!!!


Disco and the balls to this, everywhere. Record entertainers mutates into disc jockeys and I buy my first LP: "Masterpiece" by The Temptations.


While U.S. President Reagan and Pope Johannes Paul II. were injured seriously in assassinations, the DJ of a dance hall near Stuttgart slips in the bathtub one Saturday night. I, the Lightjockey, must take his place. 14 vodka lemon, 5 times "Thriller" and 4 times "Young Guns" later, I have my first permanent booking as a DJ.


Researchers discover the ozone hole, the charts are occupied by "Modern Talking" and I make my own business as a "organizer in the music trade", become a DJ with trading license.


Mourning of i.a. Salvador Dalí, Avicii is born in Sweden ... I discover "House". Opening of wall and frontier and finally the reunification of the two German states ... I discover "Techno".


In love with Whitney Houston, impressed by Frankfurt productions such as "Snap" or "Culture Beat", inspired by "Dark and Long" by Underworld, i go to the music studio. My second project "Cybordelics" makes it on place 1 and 2 of the UK-Underground Dance charts.


While "Forrest Gump" sees the world with other eyes, the Loveparade has to change the way in Berlin because of increasing numbers of visitors. I become a co-founder of the record-chain of stores "Delirium" in Stuttgart and the record label "Suspect Records" on which my first LP appears in co-production.


The cyberpet Tamagotchi and clone sheep Dolly are the darlings of the media. Carl Cox reaches place 1 at the first "DJ Mag Top 100".

With me as a managing music editor and later then as program director, "Evosonic Radio" start broadcasting in Cologne. The worldwide first radio station which plays non-stop electronic dance music for 24 hours.




The music industry makes profit again - thanks to internet. Digitization rescues the music, but for "Evosonic Radio" every rescue is late. The broadcaster goes down like the Titanic in the movie.


The discovery of BSE infected cattle is topic just the same as the successful world exhibition EXPO. Paul Van Dyk conquers the USA and I am honored with the German Dance Award for my work at "Evosonic Radio" with a delay. However, for the start in the new millennium it is the best for me that I become a father.


We are Pope and DJ Tiesto accompanies the parade of the athletes with his music in front of millions of TV spectators at the Olympic Summer Games in Athens. I become an instructor at the "VibrA School of DJing" in Cologne.


"Stresstest" rightly is word of the year. The Arab Spring, the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and the euro crisis also provided it. I start a small comeback stress-free and recovered through the long music break.


EDM is a swearword meanwhile and David Guetta has sold to date valued 90 million sound carriers. I can register a couple of remixes and the re-work of one of my classics.


While the German DJ Felix Jaehn reaches place one of the American Billboard charts, my label "Evosonic Records" starts with my first solo LP "Two point Zero". From "Mike S." becomes "Chris Maico Schmidt", because that is my name.


Donald Trump becomes President of the USA. Evosonic makes podcasts and again radio. The record department reaches the iTunes Dance Charts with the second "Cybordelics" Rework "Adventures Of Dama", the videos of it have a short time over 12000 views on YouTube.










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